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Prayer for a rally

This prayer was first composed and used before a rally during the Youth Climate Strike in Evanston on September 20, 2019. The details named in this prayer (indicated by italics) can be easily changed for new circumstances. Garrett student Christina Crusius, a second-year Master of Public Ministry student, wrote this prayer for use with other students preparing to join the strike.

Dear God,

We give you thanks for this earth and all that you have made. For the water of life that nourishes us and the beautifully diverse web of creation in which we get to be a part. Every creature, rock, and plant. Tiny cells to expansive ecosystems. From invisible gases to the lights that illuminate all that you call good.

God, as we stand in this moment, we confess that not all is good. We have neglected the responsibility of care you have given us, and as a species, caused tremendous harm in your name. Creation is groaning from climate crisis, mass-extinction, and devastation of marginalized human communities, longing for a new birth. We grieve for the loss of our human and non-human siblings, and cry out for the pain that is yet to come.

Through the water of baptism, you remind us of your steadfast love and call us to a turning:

Away from the ways of death and crucifixion and towards a path of healing and wholeness.

Renew us, Lord Jesus.

We thank you that by your grace, the Holy Spirit is yet and already at work among us. We praise you for the witness of youth across the world and from communities on the front lines of climate crisis who prophetically cry out for justice.

As members of the body of Christ, you have also called us to be your witnesses. As we prepare to stand in solidarity with Evanston youth today, breathe in us your breath of life that we may be open to your moving as co-creators in the work of ecological regeneration.

And may you work in the hearts of all who have the power to make decisions for the flourishing of all creation, that justice may roll down like waters and righteousness like an everflowing stream.


(c) 2019, Christina Crusius

Amos, climate crisis, rally, baptism, protest, Romans 8

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