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Make us the river!

This piece was commissioned for the 2019 Evanston Interfaith Climate Action Summit which took place at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary. The summit drew area leaders from a variety of faith traditions to share and dream about ecological justice work in our community. This litany was used in the closing time of prayer to send out the participants.

Throughout our global expressions of faith,

water plays a primal role,

whether it is the waters of creation,

the washing of the Ganges river,

the initiation of baptism,

the cleansing of ablution,

or the proclamation of the Jewish prophet Amos:

“Let justice roll down like waters

And righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.”

We end our gathered time today

with a prayer that our faith communities might be like that river of justice

in the face of climate change and ecological challenge.

Divine One,

Who exists beyond the many names we give you,

In this time of crisis, we ask:

Make us the river of justice and life!

Make us the river!

Make us the river that cleanses.

Swell us with intention,

Unafraid to overflow our banks of habit,

To wash away the debris of old ways and old thinking

And leave behind a fertile silt to grow something new.

Make us the river!

Make us the river that shapes.

Give us the courage to re-imagine

The topography of our society

So that we might craft a world that looks like justice.

May oppressive boundaries crumble under our movement.

Make us the river!

Make us the river that nourishes.

Deepen and strengthen our current and protect our source,

That our water would nurture the thirsty and reaching roots

Of the vulnerable on our planet.

We yearn to team with life.

Make us the river!

Make us the river that connects.

Fashion us into a pathway, a liquid road,

That shortens the distance between far away people

And carries us to un-imagined destinations.

Free us from tyranny of believing we are alone.

Make us the river!

Make us the river that persists.

Train our eyes to look for the long view,

For the steady power of persistence presence

Wearing down eons of barriers.

Keep us from weariness and renew our resolve.

Make us the river!

Divine One,

As we seek to live justly on this planet,

We trust that you are with us

And that your power is making us

Into the river that will bend the arc of the world

To a time when all of creation sings with joy.

Make us the river!

So may it be.

(c) Cassidhe Hart, 2019

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