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Living Water

You who are the Living Water,

We praise you for your grace that springs up in the midst of our hopelessness.

Your brooding Spirit brought life from the shapeless waters,

Your loving power satisfied your thirsty children in the desert with water from a rock,

And your voice of peace announced your presence among us to an outcast woman seeking life at a well.

Renew our fading hearts.

In the midst of the world’s chaos, call into being life-giving and tenacious communities that proclaim the goodness of Creation.

In the midst of our neighbors’ pain, strengthen our voices to cry out for justice.

In the midst of our own desperate longing, meet us in our most tender places and speak the truth that sets us free.

Refresh us with your water of life, that we might bring your life to others.


(c) Cassidhe Hart, 2017

Scripture: Psalm 107:1-9

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