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Birthing Together

Updated: Nov 21, 2017

First used at the Why Water Matters Summit 2017.

The God who birthed creation calls us together at this time in human history.

We are heavy with the pollution of our death-dealing choices.

Father-Mother God, cleanse us with the waters of rebirth.

The God who became human is still among us, present here in our gathered body.

We long for our bodies to be held and redeemed, for our humanness to be made whole.

Immanuel, who died as one of us, lead us into your own life.

The God who breathed life into the cosmos groans with our tired and suffering world.

We join our voices to the Spirit’s, crying out for justice for the oppressed.

Holy Spirit of mystery, teach us to sing your songs of deliverance.

It is the Holy One, the All-Loving God, the Three-In-One, who brings us to this place.

We gather to worship the One whose fluid grace breaks down all barriers and sets creation free.

Come, Creator God, and renew our beings, so that, with you, we might co-conspire to renew the whole world.

Scripture: Matthew 3:13-17

(c) 2017 Cassidhe Hart

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