Liturgy = work of the people. You are the people.


I am the church. You are the church. We are the church together.


Crafting worship that connects us to our God of justice is a collective effort. You join this effort simply by using these liturgies. Here are three more ways to participate:

shaing resources
Submit original work

If you have written a prayer, litany, song, or other item used in worship that you are willing to share without profit, use the Contact form to submit your work. Please include: the whole piece; your name as you want to be credited; any keywords, scripture passages, songs, or liturgical seasons that relate to your piece; and your contact information. As long as your work follows the guidelines below, it will be added to the collection. 


1) Your work respects all persons as created in the image of God and does not abuse or stereotype. 

2) Your work is entirely original and/or cites necessary sources. 

3) Your work honors the Christian tradition, recognizing our ecumenical reach. 

4) Your work has a clear place and purpose within a worship service - i.e., it calls people to worship, or sparks confession, or gives thanks to God, or intercedes on behalf of the oppressed, etc. 

Send links to discovered work

Did you come across a blog that is on point? Did you read a helpful book or article? Is there a resource you find yourself reaching for week after week? Send us the page link (whether to the item itself or to a page where you can purchase it) using the Contact form. 


When submitting links, consider: has the author made this work available to the public, and does this work respect the guidelines above?  

Request specific resources

Can't find what you're looking for? Email the administrators on the contact page with specific questions, or join the Forum to crowd-source. Add your voice to the chorus!